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Media Release concerning 2020 AAYFL season

The Wisconsin All-American Youth Football League (AAYFL) and the Wisconsin Youth Football Alliance (WYFA), remains optimistic that a return to football in the fall can occur safely and with a minimum amount of disruption. As such, we are moving forward with beginning the 2020 season at this present time, albeit with a truncated calendar and the full understanding that circumstances may change at a moment’s notice. As such, the AAYFL is committed to ensuring that all of our student-athletes, coaches, families and officials are able to enjoy the great game of football while abiding by procedures and guidance set by a variety of medical outlets, both locally and nationally.


The AAYFL follows all of the safety guidelines that are presented by the Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association (WIAA), except where written in the AAYFL and/or Alliance Return to Play guideline(s). In all cases, both the AAYFL and WYFA have increased the measures of safe practices, further strengthening the WIAA’s policies and also keeping in mind the differences between High School and Youth participants, and the additional challenges the Youth game presents. A comprehensive plan for safely returning to play can be viewed HERE.


The AAYFL is committed to providing everyone a safe, responsible way to play football during this unprecedented pandemic.


Thank you!

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