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Playoff Schedule

8th Grade Playoffs are here!

Congratulations to everyone who qualified for the playoffs. Schedules for those games have been posted, as well as week 7 games for those who didn't qualify.

2020 AAYFL Season Review

8th Grade: 94 total games scheduled. 7 games canceled. 92.55% played.

7th Grade: 82 total games scheduled. 4 games canceled. 95.12% played.

6th Grade: 84 total games scheduled. 4 games canceled. 95.18% played

5th Grade: 49 total games scheduled. 0 games canceled. 100% played.


Those total games scheduled included scheduled triangulars, rescheduled games and rescheduled triangulars. Every team that lost an opponent was rescheduled to still play that week.


309 total games. 15 cancellations. That's a cancellation rate of only 4.85% in all.


This was a testament to every organization and the willingness to adapt to what we were trying to do... and executing our plan to the letter, thus allowing our student-athletes the opportunity to play football.

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