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Clubs...Do You Need Instructions On Uploading Rosters?

Click here for instructions on how to upload your FINAL rosters to the AAYFL website!

The Heart Of A Rebel


Are you an administrator for your AAYFL club organization?  If so, you should check out the AAYFL Club Resources page.   This page is your one-stop shop for all forms, links, and information regarding your interaction with the AAYFL!

AAYFL Commissioner Mike Brewer on 620AM WTMJ

2017 AAYFL Themes

The AAYFL will feature a comic book based theme for its promotional material for the 2017 season.   This theme will be found in our social media postings, promotions for upcoming games, highlights of past games, and all of our digital content.

"Our players are 10-14 year old kids that have a wide range of interests including comic books and superheroes" said Gary Wipperman, Media Director for the AAYFL.   "We thought it would be fun to incorporate this into the delivery of our content to the more than 7,000 players in our league and their families."